St. John Ambulance First Aid Courses


St. John Ambulance

authorized supplier of training & supplies

*Group Discount Rate*

  • 10% discount >10-11 trainees

  • 15% discount >12 trainees

In collaboration with Rescue 7 and our certified supplier St. John Ambulance, Prepared Canada offers a variety of First Aid Kits for workplaces within Ontario.




St. John Ambulance has been ensuring the health, safety and quality of life for Canadians for well over 135 years. St. John Ambulance is the standard for WSIB approved training and offers the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art first aid and CPR training programs for the workplace, the home and the community. Proceeds from training programs support services for seniors, youth, and the community.

Standard First Aid (+6 employees)

A 2-day first aid course required for workplaces with 6 or more employees working at any given time. The course details both life threatening and non-life threatening first

aid emergencies.

  • 1 Day Renewal (in-class) $97.75* to $115 per trainee

  • 2 Day (1 online/1 in-class) $144.50* to $170 per trainee

Emergency First Aid (1-5 employees)

A 1-day first aid course acceptable for workplaces with 5

or less employees working at any given time. The course focuses on life threatening first aid emergencies.

  • 1 Day (1/2 online 1/2 in-class) $97.75* to $115 per trainee

CPR Level A

Adult resuscitation only; the requirement for most places of work in Ontario.

CPR Level C

Adult, child and infant resuscitation; catered towards but not limited to expecting parents and certain careers like Early Childhood Educators.

  • 2 Day $153* to $180 per trainee


Basic Life Support (formerly HCP, Health Care Professional)

  • 2 Day $170* to $200 per trainee

Stop Bleed/Naloxone/Tourniquet

If your organization is concerned of opioid overdose  or if you wish to be informed, we provide Naloxone training with registered pharmacists. We provide tourniquet and wound packing training from licensed health care professionals.

  • 1 Hour