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Rescue 7 First Aid Courses


Rescue 7 provides high quality first aid training recognized by national and smaller companies. Since 1998, the Rescue 7 trusted firefighters and paramedics have trained clients from government agencies to community groups.

*Group Discount Rate*

  • Available for 12 or more trainees

In collaboration with Rescue 7 and our certified supplier St. John Ambulance, Prepared Canada offers a variety of First Aid Kits for workplaces within Ontario.




Traditional Emergency First Aid w/ CPR & AED

A 1-day course where students will learn to recognize and provide interventions for life-threatening emergencies until medical aid arrives. 

  • 3 year certificate $75 (min 8)

Standard First Aid w/ CPR & AED

A two-day course covers all the skills in Emergency First Aid plus first aid for other injuries and illnesses including: Secondary Survey, Bone and Joint Injuries, Head, Spinal and Pelvic Injuries, Chest Injuries, Multiple Injury and more.

  • 3 year certificate $120 (min 8)

Standard First Aid w/ CPR & AED (e-learning)

Complete the online First Aid course on our website and register for the five hour in-classroom practical session and receive WSIB certification.

  • 3 year certificate $120 (min 8)

Standard First Aid Recertification Course

6.5 hours of curriculum time. Individuals who have kept their certification current may be eligible to enroll into a 1-day Standard First Aid Recertification Course.

  • 3 year certificate $75 (min 8)

Basic Marine First Aid (BMFA)

13 hours of curriculum time. Course provide general knowledge of first aid in the marine environment. Candidates are taught how to intervene in life-threatening emergencies including; unconsciousness, choking, rescue breathing, CPR, and deadly bleeding.

  • $125

CPR Heartsaver Level A/B/C & AED

To educate participants with the basics of adult CPR and choking emergencies so they may assist in emergency situations until Emergency Medical Services arrive.

  • 1 year certificate $60

BLS Level C

BLS teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in pre-hospital and in-facility settings.

  • 3 year certificate

  • Min 75% mark completion requirement

  • $130 (min 8)

AED/CPR Awareness (online)

This online AED and CPR awareness course provides automated external defibrillation (AED) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills review and practice using realistic scenarios.

  • $29.95

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