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Jan 24, 2022

Building Back Better, Part II

Alex Vezina answers some questions about the previous article 'Build Back Better'.

Image by Zia Syed

Feb 1, 2022

The Different Approaches for Dealing with Disasters

Alex Vezina argues that blaming the Freedom Convoy protestors will not get anything accomplished.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Mar 15, 2022

Don't Persecute People Based on Where They Were Born

Alex Vezina covers the recent discrimination arising from Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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Apr 1, 2022

Addressing Climate Change is a Serious Business

Alex Vezina breaks down the complex approach to tackling climate change.

Image by William Bossen

May 2, 2022

Debate Over Gun Control Fuelled by Simplistic Slogans

Alex Vezina talks about the gun control debate and opinions based off of simplistic assumptions.

Image by Colin Lloyd

June 2, 2022

There's No Simple Solution to School Shootings

Alex Vezina analyzes theories as to why school shootings occur and strategies to reducing them.


July 14, 2022

The Three Key Factors to Help Reduce Gun Crime

Alex Vezina looks at 3 predominant causes of gun crime relating to motive, means and opportunity.

Image by Maxim Hopman

August 18, 2022

What Does ‘Emergency Preparedness’ Actually Mean?

Alex Vezina breaks down the concept of emergency preparedness and what the integration of these techniques look like.

Image by Mat Napo

September 6, 2022

What Causes Inflation is Complicated, so are the Solutions

Alex Vezina covers inflation in Canada and breaks down the complicated system behind it.

Image by Patrick Tomasso