Covid-19 Response

We help prepare businesses and their employees for COVID-19 or emergencies like it using collaborative training workshops to assess operational risks & develop & test mitigation plans.

We help build profitable, sustainable companies by leveraging valuable key stakeholder expertise and essential knowledge to assist the individuals in the business with focusing their concerns and assisting them with applying appropriate and proportionate risk reduction strategies to suit their individual needs.


Covid-19 Seminar

How Canadians Can Prepare for Corona-virus Outbreak

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Complimentary 1-2 hour online video conference seminar via Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams that helps prepares businesses for public emergencies like Covid-19. The goal of the seminar is to prioritize concerns and create risk reduction strategies to suit individual needs. Topics included can be tips on maintaining hygiene to making emergency kits.



April 7, 2020 

Prepared Canada Corp., a recognized leader in private and public sector risk assessment and sustainability...


April 7, 2020 

The COVID-19 video conferences teach the best available practices, customized to each organization...


February 27, 2020

From stocking up on supplies to changing travel plans, The National looks at how Canadians can...