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We exist to help build profitable, sustainable companies with collaborative training workshops to assess operational risks & develop & test mitigation plans. We offer a variety of services anywhere between crisis management to first aid training. 



Alex Vezina



Alex Vezina specializes in business continuity, incident command/management systems, emergency management and other skills related to emergencies. With both Masters and Bachelors Degree in Disaster and Emergency Management, he provides emergency and contingency planning for public health agencies, hospitals, manufacturing, accounting and construction sectors. Alex is experienced in the field as he runs multiple emergency operation centres and creates effective strategic survival goals to a wide variety of organizations.

G. Vezina, A. Vezina, Prepared Canada, (

Greg Vezina



Greg Vezina is an entrepreneur, author-writer, inventor and expert in energy production and use life cycle analysis who has appeared in hundreds of media reports over the last four decades. Some of his work has been published in dozens of journals, by the AIChE, and referenced in the 5,540 page, $4,400 USD "Comprehensive Energy Systems". He previously ran unique "Safety Saves Lives" community programming and sales operations for many independent and corporate owned radio station chains across Canada.

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